Shameless Promotion

I created a funding project on indiegogo for a video series I have wanted to make for quite some time.

This video series is to teach basic personal finance. Too many times we expect an 18-22 year old person to make sound financial decisions. This is not reasonable because we do not teach the necessary skills, generally, to teenagers. This is also not fair because poor choices will have long term consequences. A bad credit record will impact the rate one gets on a loan, if credit will be extended for a needed purchase and if one can get a high income job.

Please consider sharing this project with your friends.


About brwoodruff
I am a PhD student at the University of Alabama.

2 Responses to Shameless Promotion

  1. tardisguy says:

    Neurologically speaking, its wise to expect 18-22 year old people to make sound decisions.
    Nonetheless; I recommend YouTube as a solid tool.
    If your advice is sound: Funding will follow.
    Additionally you would grow a fan base which will be so grateful they will just share.

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